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How to Cook Tofu: Easy Healthy Vegan Tofu Recipes and Tips

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Tofu Salad Sandwich Spread Tofu Salad Sandwich Spread

Easy Tofu Recipes: Cooking tofu is easy, with Savvy Vegetarian's best vegan tofu recipes. There are so many ways to cook tofu, it's an ideal food for vegetarian or vegan diets.

Protein in Tofu: Tofu is nutrient dense, high calorie, and high in protein. One serving is 2 - 4 oz, or a 2" square piece, which makes tofu an economical protein rich food.

Learn how to cook tofu with our basic tofu recipe, then explore Savvy Vegetarian's delicious easy healthy tofu recipes.

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Easy Healthy Tofu Recipes

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Tofu Cooking Tips:

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Tofu absorbs colors and flavors extremely well, it can assume a range of textures, and blends easily with just about any other food.

You can cook tofu in many recipes that kids and non-vegetarians will happily eat - with rice, quinoa, or pasta, add to salads, or many desserts.

When cooked, tofu is a binding and thickening agent, as in tofu burgers, or tofu quiche. For that reason, silken tofu is often used in vegan baking as an egg substitute.

Tofu can be soft and crumbly, for tofu scrambles, tofu sloppy joes or lasagna. It becomes firm and crisp when marinated and fried or baked.

Tofu is convenient, filling, and a great protein rich food - but if you don't like it or can't eat it, don't worry. Tofu isn't the only way to get enough protein in your vegetarian diet. Whole grains, nuts & seeds, and lentils & beans are all great protein rich foods.

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