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Kale and Cucumber Salad Kale & Cucumber Salad

Salads are the most creative of recipes, limited only by available ingredients, your taste, and your imagination.

Salads may be raw, as in Spinach Salad or cooked, as in Mediterranean Rice Salad.

Salads can be made ahead, are quick to prepare, keep well in the fridge, and are easy to take along.

Savvy Vegetarian's easy, healthy veg salad recipes are delicious any time of year. And if you choose to live on salad, that's completely reasonable!

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Secrets to Salad Success:

Choose high quality ingredients, as fresh as you can get them, and organic if possible. Farmers markets are a boon to salad lovers. But get there early!

Make each piece of the salad as pretty and perfect as you can, so the whole thing will look spectacular.

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Salads can be party snacks or appetizers, raw veggies arranged lovingly on a plate, served with hummus or vegan sour cream dip, or pesto

Salad is a great way to eat cooked grains. If you have cooked quinoa or rice in your fridge, plus a can of beans and some veggies, you can have supper ready in 15 minutes, or whip up a gourmet take along lunch.

Summer salad recipes are refreshing and satisfying on hot days when you don't want to cook.

We like to make a big bowl of Tasty Pasta Salad in the morning, pop it in the fridge and eat it for a couple of days. Quinoa Black Bean Salad is also a favorite.

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