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Breakfast sets up our digestion and energy levels for the rest of the day, raises our energy after a long fast, and sustains us through a busy morning until lunch.

Brunch is a time-honored tradition, which usually happens on Sunday. It takes the place of breakfast, lunch and dessert, making us thrice blessed.

The bonus blessings of brunch: We get to sleep in, and we don't usually need anything else to eat for the rest of the day.

The downside of brunch: SOMEBODY has to get up early and make it!

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Happy Healthy Breakfast Tips

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The following tips are loosely based on Ayurvedic dietary principles, and my own experience. They may or may not apply to you. Go with your gut! - Judith Kingsbury

Breakfast doesn't need to be large, but should be well balanced, nutrient dense, and have some variety. While oatmeal is a Good Thing, and I like it the best for breakfast, sometimes I feel like a smoothie, or toast with nut butter & jam. Or just a bunch of fruit and nuts. Mix it up!

Breakfast should include plenty of liquid, whole grains and protein; vitamns, minerals & phytonutrients - and about 25% of daily calorie intake.

Since we've been fasting for up to twelve hours, it's not a good idea to overwhelm our digestion with a huge breakfast.

Over-eating at breakfast makes us sluggish and unenthusiastic about lunch, which should be our main meal, because that's when our digestion is at its daily peak.

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Eating lightly at breakfast and dinner, and getting most of your calories at lunch, encourages good digestion and an ideal body weight.

On the other hand, going for lots of sugar & caffeine at breakfast time will cause a mid-morning blood sugar crash, requiring more sugar and caffeine.

If you're a night worker, go right to bed after work, then get up and eat a good lunch before 2:00 p.m., and have supper before 9:00 p.m., either before or during work, with a snack of soup, or fruit and nuts during the night. Be sure to take in plenty of liquids.

Eating & drinking like that while working at night will help keep your digestion in good shape, and minimize the disruption of your bio-rhythms.

For diabetics concerned about carb intake, Dr. Mirkin explains that whole grains digest much more slowly than whole grain flours.

Refined grains and flours are higher in carbohydrates and sugars, lower in protein, and digest much more quickly, leading to elevated blood sugar levels.

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