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Fresh-Squeezed Homemade Lemonade Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade

Herbal teas are a great way to stay hydrated and get vitamins, minerals and energy - without calories.

Juicing fresh fruits and veggies is a wonderful way to drink healthy, with endless nutritious additions and delicious combinations.

Some people swear by smoothies, some love juicing their fruit & veggies, many of us gotta have coffee before we can wake up.

We're not coffee drinkers, but we love hot water with a squeeze of fresh lime juice first thing in the morning.

Dairy and non-dairy drinks, almond, soy and rice milk, protein shakes, teas & juice are great liquid refreshment all day long, along with plenty of water of course - the most important beverage of all!

Savvy Vegetarian Beverage Recipes

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Tips for Healthy Hydrating

Minimize or avoid soft drinks, coffee, big glasses of cold milk, and fake sugary juices.

Water is the most important beverage, since our bodies are 90% water. So besides all of the above, we need to drink water - two quarts a day, more if you're athletic, dehydrated, ill, fasting or dieting.

We also need to drink clean pure water, which unfortunately doesn't always come out of the tap. Generally we're lucky to have abundant clean water most places in the U.S. and Canada - although our luck is running out.

Bottled water is usually distilled water, tap water, or RO water, none of which are great to drink, so don't waste your money or contribute to plastic pollution.

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Our solution for clean water is to use an inexpensive filter on our kitchen tap, which removes chlorine, fluoride, sediment and heavy metals.

A simple Brita pitcher or similar sink side filter also does the job of basic filtering on most tap water, which in the U.S. is mostly safe to drink right from the tap, except for the chlorine and fluorine. Get yours tested if you have any doubts.

We fill and carry our own non-plastic water bottles, and add a few drops of mineral concentrate. We recommend stainless steel bottles with no BPA lining.

Read Water, Elixer of Life, for more info about water and health.

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