Vegetarian Advice for Teens and Their Parents

Teens Most Likely To Act On Ideals And Go Veg Or Vegan

Teens are the most energetic, aware, idealistic people, the most likely to walk their talk, and go vegetarian or vegan for life.

They're saving the planet, while their parents often aren't aware that it needs saving!

But going vegetarian or vegan is more challenging for teens than for any other group.

The usual concerns about dieting, nutrition, relationships, and health are magnified by other challenges.

Some of these challenges are: Lack of understanding, and/or hostility from family, nutrition needs for growth and development, learning to cook for themselves, peer pressure, weight, fitness, self-confidence.

It's not surprising that teens need vegetarian advice. It's also not surprising when teens don't want advice. I'm honored that they ask!

Savvy Vegetarian gets a lot of advice letters, these days! I read them all, and answer as many as I can. But sometimes it takes me me a while to write back.

You can learn a lot by reading the advice letters below. Or download any of the Free Savvy Vegetarian Reports. Or cruise the articles or resources. If you don't find what you need, please write. Or post a question on the Savvy Veg Facebook Page.

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

Teen Vegetarian Advice Letters

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14 Year Old New Vegetarian Has Parental Obstacles 15 Year Old Worried About Protein in Pescetarian Diet Almost 13, Goes Vegetarian, Family Against It Boyfriend, Mom Make It Hard for Teen To Go Vegan Bullying Boyfriend Won't Support Girlfriend Going Vegan Healthy Teen Diet Plan for Better Nutrition Mom Asks How To Go Vegetarian With Her Teen Mom Frantic About 14-year-old Vegan Daughter Mom Needs Help Educating Vegan Son About Nutrition Mom Supports Teen Daughter Going Vegetarian Parents Worry About Teen Vegetarian Protein Son Wants To Go Vegetarian, Dad Won't Change His Diet Stubborn Ignorant Teen Vegetarian Stepdaughter Student Afraid to Go Veg, Starve, Freak Out Mom
Protein Ebook
Teen Going Veg, Parents Worry About Weight, Fitness Teen Needs Daily Diet Plan To Go Vegetarian Teen Troubles Going Vegan In Anti-Vegetarian Family Teen Vegan Suspected Of Being Anorexic & Superior Teen Vegan Worried About Fat & Nutrition Teen Vegetarian Confused About Animal Welfare Teen Vegetarian Ethics Problem Selling Hot Dogs Teen Vegetarian Has Ethical Concerns Teen Vegetarian Has Unhealthy Diet, Mom Worried Teen Vegetarian Sick, Tired, Wants Meat Teen Vegetarian Terrified to Tell His Parents Teen Vegetarian Vitamin Deficiencies Teen Wants Veg Diet For Acne and Flat Tummy Teen Vegetarian Wonders What Vitamins To Take Teen Vegetarian Worried About Protein
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