Going Vegetarian Affects Relationships

Savvy Vegetarian Advice for Relationship Challenges & Complications

When you go vegetarian, relationships with family and friends are affected, and often strained. This can be an unanticipated, upsetting, and challenging complication to adopting a vegetarian diet.

If you're having veggie relationship troubles, you may find a solution in the vegetarian advice letters below.

I get a lot of advice letters! I read them all, and answer as many as I can. But sometimes it takes me a while to write back.

You can learn a lot by reading the advice letters below. Or download any of the Free Savvy Vegetarian Reports. Or cruise the articles or resources. If you don't find what you need, please write. Or post a question on the Savvy Veg Facebook Page.

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

Veg-NonVeg Relationship Advice

Boyfriend & Mom Make It Hard To Go Vegan Care and Feeding of a Vegetarian-Non-Vegetarian Romance Family Meals Don't Work For Lone Vegetarian Feeding Vegans, Need Help With Menu Healthy Vegetarian Diet For Athlete & Non-Veg BF Miss Vegetarian Asks For Help
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Staying Vegan When Visiting Non-Veg Relatives Student Afraid to Go Vegetarian, Starve, Freak Out Mom The Vegetarian Hundredth Monkey Effect Vegan Stressed Over Carnivore Parents Visit Vegan vs Non-Vegetarian Dispute Over Food & Kids Vegetarian Blogs About Cooking For Carnivore Husband Vegetarian Answers Questions About Cooking For Carnivore Husband Vegetarian Wife Has Problems Feeding Non-Veg Husband Vegetarian Wife, Family Conflicts with Meat Eating Husband Vegetarian Worried About Non-Veg Food At Wedding Visit With Carnivore Parents A Big Success What to Feed the Vegetarian at Thanksgiving? Contact Us Medical Disclaimer Privacy Policy
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