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"Since my original "experiment" with going vegetarian back in the new year of 2011,and becoming a permanent vegetarian in August of that same year, this site has helped me every step of the way. I had never cooked a bean, never really even cooked a meal, and with your help, soon I was whipping up such delicious concoctions that, before too long, my boyfriend had converted to vegetarian too! Still today, when I'm in need of inspiration, or when I have a craving for a particular sauce or dish I "can't" have anymore,I'm searching your website. Thank you so much, so many people are veg curious, but don't know where to start, and this website is amazing!" - Ange R.

"I just discovered your website this evening, and I am impressed with the mass of information available. I have been a semi vegetarian for a number of years (No red meat), however I realize there is much more than that. I am a senior and am tired of complex recipes -- the simpler the better. And you seem to be the answer to this lady's prayers. Thank you very much." - Virginia D.

"I really enjoy your website and all the wonderful recipes! You are one talented lady!" - Pat McC

"Savvy Vegetarian is absolutely outstanding with their recipes!!! I never made lasagna from scratch, let alone a tasty vegan lasagna from scratch! To help aide my fear, I purchased Barilla's No-Boil Lasagna noodles. Pull the noodles out of the box and put it straight on the pan! When I went to the grocery store, they did not have shoyu sauce nor Tahini so for the pesto sauce, I bought pre-made pesto sauce and mixed in pine nuts. For the tahini, I substituted it with 3 Tbsp of peanut butter! BOY OH BOY did the lasagna come out TASTY!!! My meat-eating boyfriend shared the lasagna with his friends and they were in disbelief that a vegan dish could be so delicious! Thank you Savvy Vegetarian for always providing recipes for great and delicious foods!" - JoannaMae A.

"Having only recently discovered Savvy Veg, I am awed by the variety of information, recipes, tips etc… and I support fully your well thought out and informative in itself response. I am and will remain a regular visitor :)" - Steph S.

"Thanks for providing the healthiest of the vegetarian recipe options out there, and thanks for choosing recipes that celebrate whole foods! In all the other sites, one must wade through so-called vegetarian recipes that try to 'mock' unhealthy foods before finding a few mediocre recipes that I've found pale in comparison to the gems that form your collection!" - Trish R.

"Thank you so much for this amazing site. I have spent the last two days reading through it and have really learned a lot. It is a wealth of knowledge. I appreciate all the work you have put into it and look forward to continuing to explore it." Glenn N. New Mexico

"Thanks a lot for the advice! I tried to go veg a few years back but lived mostly on white rice and canned veggies. The recipes provided have helped me create meals that are nutritious and delicious. Even my omnivore boyfriend likes the things I've been making! Having a website like this to continuosly refer to has made going veg for good really easy." - Elizabeth H.

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"I stumbled upon Savvy Vegetarian a year ago when I was looking to start eating healthy. I tried Jamaican Red Bean Soup and it was DELICIOUS! I made it again tonight and I'm ready to dig in with some white rice. Healthy, guilt-free, and so delicious. Can't wait to try the rest of the recipes!" - L. R.

"I became a vegetarian four months ago and have never felt better nor enjoyed food more. The Savvy Veg was one of the first web resources I discovered while making the change. The recipes, resources, and postings are much appreciated!" - Neil B.

"Just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing advice/information on the website!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!" Julie P.

"Wow, thank you so much for your input, it was very thorough and more than I expected. You rock! :)"

"I see you are passionate about this, that is why I know I came to the right person for advice. Thank you for all your help and support. You're a magnificent person for doing things like this for people like me."

"I gotta say again how much I love your website. I've been on it everyday, looking at new stuff. There's so much to check out! It makes this new path so much easier and way more fun..."

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"Hope this e-mail finds you well. I wanted to let you know that I can now be considered a vegetarian :-) I also wanted to thank you for your good advice, it's been very helpful."

"Thank you for your reports and for the encouragement. It's all very much appreciated."

"Thanks for the great advice Judith! You're a life-saver!"

"Thanks for the free report 10 Tips for Beginning Vegetarians.... are helpful for a person like me, who is interested in becoming a vegetarian, but uncertain of how exactly to make the transition."

"Thank you for your email ... it is a very helpful article. You have done a great job of putting (it) together. Congratulations. You are helping a lot of people because of your article. God Bless."

"Thank you very much for the 2 reports - they are exactly what I needed to read. I have been moving towards a vegetarian diet for over a year now. However, I have been feeling guilty and weak because I am still not totally vegetarian. So, I really appreciate your material which suggests I am actually doing O.K. in this transition. So many books make it sound like you need to become instantly vegetarian or else you're just not "with it". I really appreciate your sensible, balanced and positive approach."

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"I appreciate your answer in person, which makes your site very special; it has a face and individuality."

"It is wonderful that effort is made to make a contribution to knowledge that will practically assist vegetarians - we found much impractical info and absence of info during our transition to vegetarianism."

"Thank you so much for responding to my questions. You have given me some good ideas. I realized through your email that my thinking has been skewed. I get so many concerned looks and comments from people when they find out I'm a vegetarian but your email has given me some peace. This is who I am and I'm not going to fight against it anymore." - A.S.

"The reports were very well written and provided validity to my feelings on the matter. As well, as explained more that I did not KNOW. I thank you and site's like yours as they have helped a LOT." - L.L.

"Thank you for the report. I found it very helpful. Your report is added inspiration to make the change to vegetarianism once and for all." - Bill S.

"Thank you, Judith. I appreciate your quick answer. :)I liked your site. Thank you for making it." - T.L.

"Just got your report, "How to Eat Beans without Gas". Very helpful and doable, thanks so much!" - E.R.

"I really appreciate the advice about beans. I happened across your site when searching for a recipe. I marked it in my favorites, and I'm sure I'll enjoy going back to it again and again. Great resource!" - A.K.

"I read your things, and I think that they will help me a lot on my road to becoming a savvy veg. Your "10 Tips for Beginning Vegetarians" inspired me greatly! Thank you very much." E.O.

"Thank you for your report. It was very informative and helpful. I'll take your advice and go slow." - L.B.

"Thank you so much for your quick reply to my request. I was very excited to find your website and plan on spending more time there over the next couple of days reading all the great things to read!" -S.L.

"I found your report to be great. Especially the part about taking it slow. I have made the mistake before of trying to do everything all at once and have ended up getting discouraged. Thanks so much!" - L.C.

"Thank you for helping me out with my parent/vegan lifestyle conflict. You have shed some light on areas that I never considered. You are an amazing person with amazing advice and thank you again for responding to my email quickly." - J.B.

"I think the main thing I'm taking away from the quiz is the opportunity to think critically about my vegetarianism with someone who is obviously passionate about it - you. I'm at a place where I need a little boost, some fresh air and inspiration ... Your website has been like opening the windows on a sunny late spring morning." - K.F.

"Your report is very helpful. We eat many vegetarian meals, but we haven't fully devoted ourselves to being solely vegetarian ... this might give us the little push that we need." - M.F.

"Thanks Judith! The report is practical, easy to read and follow! Just what I was looking for." - C.O.

"I loved the quiz! it's very informative and now I realize why I've been having a hard time with vegetarianism as a lifestyle not merely as a diet. Thanks! What an eye opener." :) JJ

"Thanks so much for all of your thoughtful advice. I have saved the email you sent me and will follow your advice. It was so nice of you to take the time to reflect on my letter and then to respond with so many suggestions etc. Thanks again Judith, You are one heck of a helpful, caring, compassionate soul... " C.L.

"I do feel the comments and evaluation were helpful to me. They gave me a different perspective on the way I think of vegetarianism. I'm realizing that the choices I make have to be a direct reflection of the way I eat, the way I socialize and my physical actions. I think your quiz helped me get my thinking on track just that much better." - K.G.

"Thanks for the excellent info. Your philosophy and mine mesh well in several areas: health, enviroment, and choosing a lifestyle one can live with. So I plan to use your website as a resource for this (adult ed) class" D.R.

"Just letting you know that I received the attachment - thank you so much. I got a lot out of it and it answered my questions, so it was certainly helpful. I also want to say that I viewed a lot of sites about vegetarian and yours was one of the best." - K.G.

"Thank-you so much for the information that you sent me, I found it very helpful and very positive!. I liked the fact that you took a very non-judgmental veiw and stated more than once that the change must be gradual. I am excited about the links you have and all the info." - Dawn

"I looked around your site, and it is very impressive. I think that it is a great service you provide - to help people better understand health and nutrition and making positive choices about what they eat." - J.L.

"I've read all of your reports and tips and found them very useful in creating a new balanced diet with all the nutrients. I'm also having fun with tasting new foods." - T.C.

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