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Budget Cooking

There are several themes running through all the Savvy Vegetarian blog posts to do with food and cooking for vegan or vegetarian diet.

Most of us don't have much time to cook, what with kids, jobs, commuting and the need for a little personal time off from the daily grind.

So the first theme is quick easy cooking.

Very few of us have money to burn, and most of us work hard to keep food costs within reason, a constant challenge in these days of rising prices.

So the second theme is eating a plant based, vegan or vegetarian diet on a tight budget.

We also want to eat delicious and healthy meals, with a bit of variety, otherwise what's the point of going through all the changes in switching to a plant based diet?

It's all about the food, right? That's true for us at Savvy Vegetarian too, and that's why so many of our blog posts are about food - how to make it quicker, cheaper, easier, tastier, healthier, and more varied.

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

Food & Cooking Posts from Savvy Vegetarian Blog

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