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Healthy Vegetarian Lifestyle

Savvy Vegetarian articles reflect our interests, concerns, ideas, opinions about vegetarian and vegan diet and nutrition, health, and human ecology - which includes organic non-gmo food, environment, green living, sustainability and related issues.

We regularly publish cookbook reviews, alternative health and ecology book reviews, and include resource guides for all of the above.

Your personal dietary evolution is your business - our mission is to help you to be well-informed, comfortable and successful in whatever plant-strewn path you choose.

Consider the article section of Savvy Vegetarian as your guide to a healthy, happy, sustainable plant based, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Savvy Vegetarian Articles Index

Diet and Nutrition:

How to to get optimal nutrition from a vegetarian or vegan diet, with articles on vitamins and minerals, deficiencies, protein, nutrition guides, organic food, pregnancy & breastfeeding nutrition - and more.


Vegetarian or vegan diet and human ecology, related to environment, global warming, green living, permaculture, organic food, non-GMO and sustainability.


A wealth of information on vegetarian or vegan health issues - allergies, cholesterol, diabetes, feeding children, food safety, healthy pregnancy, diet fads, weight loss and more, to help you enjoy a healthy plant-based diet.

Vegetarian Cooking

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Vegetarian Lifestyle:

Plant based diet is about much more than being vegetarian or vegan, and eating a healthy diet.

It can be a complicated lifestyle at times, because other people are involved, and that affects your relationships, health and happiness in so many ways.

Our plant-based lifestyle articles cover family meal planning, holidays, travel, eating out, and generally being vegetarian or vegan in a non-veg world.

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